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Why "No Gender"?

We don't agree with gender clothing, we believe in freedom of choice.

Let's talk about gender

Why "No Gender Clothing"? We live in a gendered world where we are constantly forced to define a gender with every purchase, be it clothing, gifts, toys or toiletries.

The division between women and men has long defined the categorization of clothing, limiting people's freedom of choice and forcing them to accept the restrictions of this gendered categorization.

We find this not only unfair, but also discriminatory.

Gendered clothing divides and affects people who do not fit into these categories.

As fashion designers, we want people to experience true recognition of each individual's gender identity and expression.

We believe that style is inextricably linked to identity and everyone should have the freedom to wear clothes that they feel are appropriate for their gender, status, mood or preference.

We want people to break free from social stereotypes and our goal is to take fashion beyond the usual style conventions that often associate certain colors and shapes with one of the two gender binaries.

We need to recognize that gender is a spectrum and not a binary system with only two opposing concepts, and as designers we strive to better understand today's generation, change outdated business models and promote more active, tolerant and inclusive practices.

Our aim is to unite menswear and womenswear by meeting the needs of all identities and breaking stereotypical gender norms.

Atelier Odenoir's unisex style blurs gender boundaries and combines both masculine and feminine characteristics.

People can decide for themselves how feminine or masculine they want to appear, depending on how they style the clothes.

We also encourage our customers to experiment with sizes to achieve very different looks and all our garments are designed for a fluid movement of both mind and body.

They blur the boundaries of gender, body size, age, etc., empowering all identities and encouraging an open approach to fashion.

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