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About Us

From design to manufacture, made by hand and with love - directly from us to you.

Atelier Odenoir is a slow fashion label founded in Berlin in 2012 by us, Eleonora Colonna and Diego S. Pontecorvo.

As a couple in life and as a team working side by side, we put all our energy, dedication, and love into bringing you garments made with enhanced artisanal value, appealing to emotional values and fostering a deeper and longer-lasting connection between the consumer and the garment.

The clothes we create with love and care are made to be loved and appreciated by those who wear them. We encourage people to become aware of their choices and learn more about who made their clothes so they can find meaning in what they wear.

Controlled production with limited quantities on request.

In times of fast fashion, which distorts our sense of value and sees clothing as a disposable product, the high demand not only leads to excessive consumption, but also to overproduction by fashion brands.

They often overestimate future demand, resulting in 150 billion garments being produced each year, 30% of which are never sold and instead end up in landfill or incinerated. This behavior not only harms people who cannot afford clothes, but also our planet, and as a sustainable brand, it is central to Atelier Odenoir to tackle this problem by ensuring controlled production with limited quantities on demand.

This means that no fabric is wasted and the environment is not unnecessarily burdened.

Our answer to one of the fashion industry's biggest problems: overproduction.

Although our philosophy may slow down our manufacturing process and delivery times, we see this as a justifiable cost, as on-demand production leads to greater resource efficiency and prevents senseless waste of raw materials, which protects our natural resources and the planet.

We reuse all fabric remnants, including prototypes and test products, to create new items.

In this way, we avoid the production of "dead stock." At Atelier Odenoir, we are committed to doing better: No stock, no clearance sales, no unsold clothing ending up in landfills.

Eleonora Colonna


Diego S. Pontecorvo

Management & Design


Body Guard


Inspiration Provider

Handmade in Berlin, Germany

Each piece is handmade by us in our studio in Berlin. We are inspired daily by the creativity that surrounds us, as well as the casual and relaxed lifestyle of the people in this extraordinary city.

These essential elements, paired with the tolerance and inclusion that characterize this city, help us define our unisex style NO GENDER. Our style is characterized by a predominantly dark color palette of black and grey, combined with geometric cuts and a clean, minimalist aesthetic.

We focus on loose fits and a deconstructed approach to unisex silhouettes.

Our permanent collection

Our permanent collection goes beyond basics and offers a new approach to a timeless wardrobe.our permanent collection is small and should remain so.

It includes curated designs that have stood the test of time and fulfill our ideals. Our clothes are not meant for fleeting trends, but were created to be loved and to last.

From the simple t-shirt to the most original design, every piece in our collection is the result of careful planning and of course we will continue to add new pieces, but as a sustainable slow fashion brand, we will do this thoughtfully and slowly to ensure that each product authentically reflects our values.

Fast fashion? No thanks.

At Atelier Odenoir, we are against fast fashion with planned obsolescence and inferior quality that promotes ever-changing fashion trends to drive consumption. Instead, we design timeless and seasonless quality clothing.

Through thoughtful design, we strive for a balance between originality and classic elegance to extend the life of each piece, reduce waste and protect the environment.

Our permanent collection of timeless and modern unisex pieces consistently embodies our design philosophy.

Each garment has been developed to stand the test of time and emphasize your individual style regardless of current trends. It stands for comfort, functionality and quality, with materials that your body loves to wear.

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